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Services we offer

Business Structuring

“How should one structure a business to maximise post tax benefits?”

This is probably the most common question we have addressed. Should a business be conducted as a sole trader, a general partnership, a limited company, a limited liability partnership, a 1907 limited partnership or set up outside the UK?

Jeremy Giles will provide a bespoke answer to this important question. Getting the best possible structure in place is very important to the future development of a business. Building a house requires solid foundations if it is to remain standing for future generations. Why is building a business any different? Call us and get an initial opinion. We are very happy to let you talk to existing clients.


Profit Extraction

Q: How do I get money out of my business efficiently?

A: Consider the following routes:

  • Salary / Bonus / Profit Share
  • Dividends
  • Benefits in kind
  • Pension contributions
  • Loans
  • Trusts
  • Asset Sales / Purchases

If you have a good clear understanding of all these methods, then you do not need to talk to us! We will want to gain a deep understanding of your circumstances before considering a bespoke answer for you.


Marketing Solutions

We can help you grow your own business through tried and tested marketing and networking methods. If you want training in how to sell high value professional services, we can help. Call us for initial adivce at our cost.


Strategic Planning

We have a great track record in helping our clients formulate and execute strategic plans to grow their business. This is a broad subject and just agreeing what route or routes to take can be be painful! Let us help you plan ahead.